Simplifying Electronic Medicines Management

At the heart of our CareFirst service is eMAR, a cutting edge Electronic Medicines Administration Service that integrates with Care Planning Systems*.

Our eMAR paper-free electronic medicines management system takes advantage of the very latest technologies from established healthcare provider MED e-care to help manage your residents’ often complex medicine regimes.


With the touch of a button, carers can access the medicine regimes of every resident – detailing the medications they need and when they need them. Helping medicine rounds become a simpler, quicker task, with reduced risk.


Managers gain a real-time view of medicines administration at the point of care.

Plus directors and heads of governance have a comprehensive overview of all medicines management and reporting across their care home network. Potential issues can be identified and managed via the remote access and reporting facilities.


Specifically designed to save you time and money, it integrates with our electronic Care Planning systems*. That means a radically simplified medicine management process – from resident admission, through to order and resupply, to administration of medication at the point of care.

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* Integrates with Med e-care care planning system